The Colour Green symbolizes growth, regeneration and freshness and so does the Green Goa Foundation.

It was in January, 2008 that Raison Almeida, a young Goan committed to the sustainable growth of Goa felt the need for all Goans with a similar vision to come together on a common platform. Hence , the Green Goa Foundation.

Our primary aim is to prevent ecological destruction that is threatening to ruin and forever destroy the Goa that our ancestors so lovingly built and preserved. We are dedicated to take up all environmental issues with all our might and use all lawful means to achieve our goals.

We are determined to see that the under privileged get justice and fair play and their constitutional guarantees are not deprived to them for reasons of poverty and illiteracy. The Green Goa foundation has been constituted with a vision namely

  1. To preserve and promote the environment and ecology of Goa
  2. To support programs aimed at spreading scientific and rational thinking and eradication of superstitious beliefs
  3. To co-ordinate in projects of other Non Governmental Organizations
  4. To impart education including vocational training and non formal education
  5. To provide finance for charitable causes and poor students for higher education
  6. To prevent exploitation of minors and take steps for the protection of the depressed and backward classes
  7. To institute suits/writs and other legal proceedings to enforce laws and/or to compel the government to implement and enforce laws particularly relating to traffic, constructions, CRZ etc.

Today it is undisputed fact that Goa is marching to its own destruction. The people cannot escape responsibility for all that is going on in the state today. The Goan voters allow themselves to be misled into voting and re-electing the same legislators whose commitment to Goa is proven to be suspect.

We at Green Goa are determined to educate the Goan voter on the true aspects of democracy so that peaceful revolution through the ballot could usher in real democracy where the elected representatives are dedicated to the state and not to themselves.